Everyone's Journey to becoming a Teacher is Different.... Here is Mine!

I remember being a little girl and my friends and I would play school in the garage with papers we had gotten from our teachers.  My one friend down the street would stand in front of us with a ruler and wave it as she taught us a lesson.  We would listen and then pretend to complete the worksheet and then school was over.  I always wanted school to be over.  It was the summer and I wanted to play.  Almost every house on our block had a swimming pool and we all were excited to go swimming every day, so why would we want to play school?  

So funny, to reflect back on those days.  That friend I told you about who would wave the ruler while teaching, Yep! You guessed it right, she became a teacher.  Her mom is a teacher so she followed in her footsteps.  So many children know what they want to for a living when they are young and many teachers I know today were the little girls playing school during the summer. For me, that wasn’t the case.  I grew up with a family of teachers… and my mom went back to school when I was a little girl and became a teacher.  I refused!!! Yet, here I am! A Teacher! An Administrator! and An Instructional Coach… and I LOVE IT!   My Journey to teaching wasn’t easy, I had a few bumps in the road but nevertheless, I am walking in my purpose.  

I know that because many times I comment and talk about my journey and how blessed I am to teach inner city students.  I kinda brag on my students as they are definitely an inspiration to me.  While working my way through this new journey called TpT, I met Gretchen Bridgers from Always A Lesson and we began to communicate in and out of education groups online.  After hearing a bit about my experiences, she asked if I would share my story with the world on her podcast.  It took me a minute to get up the nerve to sit and really discuss all of the heartaches and pains that I experienced in becoming a teacher but I finally did.  

So here is my story… I hope that you can get some inspiration and share with those who are struggling but know that when you finally walk in your purpose, it will be so worth it! 

As I said before, Everyone’s journey to becoming a teacher is different and here is mine!

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Always A Lesson's Empowering Educators Podcast
Episode 80: Bonus Edition
by Gretchen Bridgers

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