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Greetings Terrific Teachers! 

My Name is Nicole S. Turner and I would like to welcome you to the Teachers Caravan blog. This blog aims to be a place of inspiration and help for all teachers.  

I am excited to start this blog to share my experiences as a teacher and instructional coach, tips, and resources so that you can BE MORE THAN EFFECTIVE in the classroom.  My first official blog post will be on January 1, 2017.  I will be posting weekly so make sure you join the caravan email list (look to the right) to gain access to the monthly newsletter, private facebook group, blog recaps and monthly freebies! 

I look forward to our journey together!

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  1. Nicole,

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the info here, especially guided math. I still do bell ringer quizzes daily (thanks to your guidance) and it is fabulous to start the class. I want to do the guided math, but I only have 42 minute periods followed by a math support/lab (for all students) also 42 minutes, supervised by an instructional assistant in another room. Do you have any idea for implementation using these conditions? I currently have students take assessments, work for 20 minutes a day in MobyMax (I really want Aleks but it is $$$), and then they can use the rest of the time for homework completion. I use a spiral review page daily and a content page daily. I can't wait to hear what info you have to guide me. I am so sorry for your loss and I KNOW your daddy IS PROUD of you. Hugs, Kristien


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